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Whether you’re a great news publisher or a freelance blogger, we can help you uninformed the content of millions of people from our global community.


1. The username must not be porn; It should not be ethnic, religion or caste. The posts should be in Tamil.

2. The Tamil Eranium is a selfless Tamil repository that emphasizes not only business-oriented relationships but also their talents. Do not post your records here for advertising purpose! The registration will be deleted and the member will be banned.

3. Negative words and debates should be avoided

4. Everyone who posts here have equal rights. But at the same time they have the obligation to take over leadership.

5. Only the feedback related to the records should be placed! Posts that are not related to the recordings will be deleted! Even if you do not want to appreciate the long-awaited writings for many days,

6. You should be grateful for the writer or the website that you have written or downloaded from other sites or from other sites. Thank you for giving the website address, which should not be taken to other web sites. Owners own blogs have the permission to keep the web address of their webpage in their signature area. If you have a Friends blog, you do not have a link pointer.

7. At the same time, there is no right to disgrace other religions.

8. Chat on any topic in chat area! But only the standard Tamil words should be used! Let’s try to avoid writing in spoken language!

9. Many of the leading members of the eagle will be removed unconditionally if they seek to remove one member.

10. Girlfriends should not be permitted to do so without their permission.

11. Make sure the registration is not already recorded before the threads start. Post under the correct title.

12. Avoid jokes and criticisms in the names of other members! Do not let your chat hurt other members in any way! It is not possible to register and record the other person indirectly or indirectly.

13. Eager members should not be invited for the development of your own area. The violators will be removed without notice.

14. Do not start the quirks for writing poems that are written in two or three lines. Combine less than 5 poems and publish on the same screen.

15. Do not argue against the executive committee. Warning points will be provided. Those who want to give advice to others need to say only in one thing! Do not advise through live posts!

16. Registrar to the explanation should only be communicated through an Independent if there are questions or questions about the administration or the rules. Instead the general warning of the hearing will be given. If this continues then the blogger will be banned.

17. Everyone should be bound by the decision of the chief conductor.

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